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Remote Support for the Home Business User

Home Business Remote Support...
Skip the costly in-store repairs that take days to be completed with our online computer repair service. We remotely connect to your computer for repairs. This service covers unlimited issues that need attention with no time limit on the session. Watch us work or go about your day and we’ll contact you as soon as your online computer repair is complete.

*Applies only to repairs that can be completed remotely. Does not cover hardware issues that require hands-on support by a technician. Parts not included. Any repairs or procedures that require a technician to visit your location or for your computer to be brought to Switzer Enterprises' location will be charged at regular rates.

It seems like computers always have issues at the wrong times. Dropping your computer off at the store is a hassle, and on-site work is very expensive. Our tech support subscriptions solve both of those problems. By remotely connecting to your computer, we offer support for any and all computer issues as if we were sitting right next to you. Get unlimited tech support year round. Just get yourself a shiny little icon of hope on your desktop. Whenever you’re having a problem, give it a click and our techs will be there to help!

(*For Remote Support Membership, you can call us for more information and sign up on our website for a secure transaction.)