Service Protocols

Service Protocols:

For your convenience, our operating systems (Curbside Service and Remote House Call) will allow us to take the necessary steps to continue to give you streamlined service. If you are in need of service, please call us so we can arrange the best plan of action and help with your tech/computer needs.

We are happy to be of service and to best serve you, please call ahead. 

  1. We are taking all personal information over the phone in addition to notes on issues you are having with your device(s), any appropriate password(s), best contact info and other pertinent information.

  2. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have and exchange any necessary information over the phone or via email.

  3. We have arranged that you may pull into the parking space nearest the front door of our facility (handicap spot).

  4. We will remove your device(s) from your vehicle (passenger seat, trunk, back seat, cargo), exchange a greeting and send you on your way.

  5. We will not be taking computer bags or similar accessories. Please be sure to bring your laptop power supply, tablet power supply and/or any non-standard power cord/power supply for your desktop or All in One. Please remove any wireless mouse or keyboard or any other dongles for your safekeeping.

  6. Again, you will have made us aware of your approximate arrival and all the above information.

  7. We'll notify you when ready for pick up and you are welcome to pay by phone before you arrive. Please give an approximate time of arrival and please park in a space next to the front door (private lot handicap spot) and we will bring device out to your vehicle.
  8. We always welcome you to phone or email and we are happy to have any discussion regarding your computer/device/IT needs.

Thank you for your business.